Detroit is a city of many names; from the D, Motor City, to the Automotive Capital of the World, it is a city that holds historical importance, especially in our beloved dance music scene, one of which being the birthplace of techno in the early 1980s. Such a heralded title would not have been possible without the players and artists critically molding the city’s creative development of a type of music we all love to dance.

Yesterday, the city played homage to a group of Detroiters, dubbed the Architects of Techno. This group, aka the Belleville Trio, consists of Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May, were honored by Detroit’s city council for their contributions to the city’s ever-growing techno music and culture. An honor that couples nicely with the cities recent announces that this entire week is the week of Techno.

For the men being honored, the cultivation of their techno roots and contributions to the scene have been attributed to their ‘calling’ to the music. Something naturally that they all fell into, a love for artistic craft that has spread into the hearts and footwork of millions across the globe.

“It was never really a hobby for me. I always knew from an early age that I wanted to be a rock star. My father bought me an electric guitar when I was 10 years old. But even then, he was watching. He knew I had an affinity for music.” -Juan Atkins

Additional mentions and honors were given out by the city council to Movement Festival organizers, Paxahau, as well as other musical innovators and artists such as Carl Craig (Detroit Love), Eddie Fowlkes, John Collins, Kelli Hand, and Jeff Mills.

Tickets to Movement Festivals can still be purchased here.

Afterparty information can be found here.


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