He may not have reached Deadmau5 levels when it comes to critiquing the music but Diplo has never been one to shy away from giving his opinion. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, he fired back again at the term EDM saying “I don’t think EDM ever existed, to begin with. All these DJs were already big — they were already part of conglomerate management companies and festival circuits.” This sarcasm falls in line with Diplo’s public personality and his previously stated thoughts on EDM and the culture. In the interview, he also talked about his take on the origins of the scene. In an age where not enough DJs are willing to speak up, it’s refreshing to get his candor.

“A lot of cool things were happening in dance and electronic music — you’re in Chicago, so you know,” he said about the city that birthed house music. “You don’t need EDM to come in and save you.”


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