It’s the end of a sizeable era for today’s Dance Music fans: Major Lazer’s next album will be their last. As iconic as the Dancehall and Electronic hybrid group were with the several singles they’ve released throughout the years, this is no different an affair from Diplo’s other artistic projects like LSD and Silk City…am most notable of course is his collaboration with Skrillex, Jack Ü.

This tour is coming at an awesome moment for Major Lazer, the group: 2018 marks the 10th year of this Diplo-led group, which can feel weird at times, as Diplo shared with Complex. “Music is so fast nowadays. It’s like we’re in a hip-hop cycle all the time; a new rapper comes out and careers last like two years these days. Everything is so rushed, so we’re just so lucky we can get things out on the radio these days. I think this project has enough energy around it that we’re able to keep being relevant, that’s the essence of being great DJs. We all love music, so we don’t have to get stuck in a certain style.” Those styles will be on display on a special Major Lazer release commemorating the last decade of their music that will feature “a bunch of stuff you haven’t heard like that we made the last ten years. Next year marks our last album, so we got a lot of stuff in between now and then.”

The final Major Lazer Album will be out by the end of the year…and we’re nothing but happy that such a revolution of a group contributed so much to festivals around the world.

Check out their most recent Afrobeat mixtape via Spotify.

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