Twitter gave birth to the #ChikfilaVSPopeyes movement over the last couple weeks, putting fans of both the new Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes and the classic sandwich from Chik-Fil-A against each other. As you can imagine it got heated to the point where celebrities got involved. Diplo is one such figure, tweeting his sadness about not getting a chicken sandwich before they ran out. Of course, with him being Diplo and this being 2019, the company surprised him with something major at Burning Man by sending out a private jet full of sold out chicken sandwiches. While everyone else had their own priceless memories to share, Diplo ate some of the hottest chicken to hit the internet on the playa. Boss shit if you ask us.

This hilarious trend turned into quite the purple patch for this superproducer, who left it to other fast food chains to beat Popeyes.


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Popeye’s heard I wanted to try their sandwich so they sent me some in a jet…. Wendy’s your move.

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