With a lot of DJs all we see is their massive DJ equipment, their high profile gig, their yacht, and in Diplo’s case, their insane list of collaboration credits. It may come as a surprise, but indeed, these artists were not born this way…and Michael McCrudden has the rough summary of Diplo’s life before all of the previously mentioned fame.

In his new episode of the YouTube Series Before they Were Famous, McCrudden gets into the nitty gritty of young Thomas Wes Pentz’s dreams of being a Paleontologist, his survival gigs as a school teacher, movie theater employee, and more, and some of the earlier collaborations he shared with lovers and non-lovers. Looking at the moves he made gives validation to the fact that success isn’t a one-night thing, and this movie is a great first step into understanding Diplo’s full professional life.

Check out the full video below!

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