Sad news for east coast fans of Dirtybiurd Campout- the event will not be returning in 2019. February of last year, the event in Florida experienced a unique setback that made things a bit strange for those camping out in the gorgeous venue. Music was shut down on Friday because of the permit suddenly being pulled, and all the DJs could do was play a plethora of drunk camping games without music. Saturday saw the revitalization of festivities because of a call from Pitbull of all people. Understandably enough, the team wanted to make sure this year’s iteration of the event would go without a hitch.

The organizers of the event took to Twitter to formally announce why the event would have to sit this year out:

The beauty of this post is the assurance that next year’s campout will be executed with flair. As many on this side of the U.S. know, Dirtybird puts the fans first. We’re sad to see the campout miss out on an opportunity for redemption this year, but 2020 will be here faster than we can blink.

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