Dirtybird Campout will take an extra precaution ahead of their three-day event in Modesto. The event’s official Twitter account released a statement announcing a mandatory negative test result within 72 hours of Day I on October 15. This applies to all artists, attendees, and staff, whether or not they have been vaccinated.

To ensure the safety of our artists, staff and attendees, we are updating our Health and Safety protocols for Dirtybird Campout West Coast 2021 by requiring EVERY ATTENDEE, STAFF AND ARTISTS to provide a lab-verified negative PCR or Rapid COVID-19 test taken within 72-hours prior to entering the event, vaccinated or not. If you are vaccinated, bring your vax card and/or QR code.

PCR or Rapid results are accepted but must be from a testing site. Negative results and vaccination status if applicable can be provided via printed document or email. If you receive a positive test, you will be eligible for a refund. No results at all, and you won’t be granted entry or refunded.

Those who need a negative test or the vaccine shot still have a little over three weeks to figure out their plans; the event kicks off at Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds on Friday, October 15.

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