Denver-based Psychedelic Pop/Indie Electronic Musician Devin James Fry is gearing up to release two new singles PURPLE GLUE / NO HOPE (ft. Otem Rellik, Nat Tate). His music and style is not for the faint of heart. The man is out there with his weirdness in the best possible way. Unapologetically himself, Devin James Fry creates the type of music that’s edgy, horrific, and is a window into his creative mind. Fry developed an analog horror SFX generator giving its unsettling, slasher movie vibes that is perpetuated by the lyrics and Fry’s vocals, which were chopped and screwed by fellow producer, Grant Eppley. No Hope is Fry’s first stab at a fully produced beat that showcases the talented esoteric rappers, Otem Rellik and Nat Tate. Together, stir up quite the collaboration.

Purple Glue is about WTF holds a divided personality together. I imagine a disgusting purple ooze. Magnetic…. If side A is glue, then B-side No Hope is cement.”

PURPLE GLUE, NO HOPE is out on June 10th, stream Devin James Fry Spotify discography while you wait!

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