DJ Craze is rather justified in his recent tweet storm, beginning with a statement in which he references his current world as β€œAmerikkka.” As we’re all aware, the recent riot in Charlottesville, Virginia has established that the backlash of white supremacy is currently at its absolute worst. While plenty of White Americans(including POTUS, allegedly) are against the hateful rhetoric that spewed this past weekend, Craze feels like those who have an opportunity to be a valuable white ally are not expressing their voice enough.

The DJ’s stream of consciousness reflected the feelings of many people of color in the country who may feel as if the extremism of white terrorists is not denounced enough by their friends in public. The more honest dialogue between people, the quicker these frequent incidents of inequality can be solved. To sum it all up: those who choose to do nothing have chosen the side of the oppressor. As much as we’d like to join Craze at Shambhala for pretty much ever, we should work to fix the real world we live in to make it easier for people of color.

What DJs have you seen calling out the BS in Charlottesville? Link them in the comments and give them their props.

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