Kanye West hosting the Pornhub awards and making a song with Lil Pump for it was all we thought we’d get shocked by…but the story continues today. DJ David Morales, the Grammy award-winning producer, claims that West copied the bassline from his own remix of “What is this thing called love?” by Alexander O’ Neal. He details the accusation in this video posted by hiphopnmore:

“So yes, that is my bass line that I did over 25 years ago,” Morales states on camera. “Nobody asked me any permission. Nobody gave me any love. No points. No royalties. Not even a coupon at Walmart. Daaaamn! You know what I’m saying?”

There’s plenty of controversy and memes on the song already, and this just adds fuel to the fire.

Find the two songs below and form your own opinions.

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