If you’re spending more money on the music you play than the money you make playing it, you’re bound for success. The material wealth that DJ Snake DIDN’T have never stopped him from turning the tables on fate and amassing enough fame to sit with the crew of Hot 97. In the interview, he talks about his collaborations with Justin Bieber and Swizz Beats among others, but they also joke about Snake playing a throwback 90’s set…to which he says he’s love to do, and sometimes does in France if people hit him up. We know we’d love to see the old school DJ Snake here in the states that many (including us) have never experienced. As fun as it is to see him use his own material to rock crowds, a little history lesson never hurt anyone either. DJ Snake and his friend also claim he’s currently just as big, if not bigger, than the current president of France as he can’t step out of his own house or even ride the train without being rushed by fans. Must be nice…

Check out the full interview below:

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