What’s the best thing about this new Skrillex and DJ Snake collaboration? We all got to see it start with our own eyes. “Check your email in like 20 minutes, I’m gonna send you a folder full of ideas,” DJ Snake said to Skrillex on an Instagram live stream. “Got some bangers, some weird shit, and let’s go. Let’s have fun.”

The two haven’t made a song together in about four years since their 2016 hit ‘Sahara’, so another big collaboration that could easily show up on one of Skrillex’s upcoming albums is a perfect treat. We all know producers have nothing to do but stay cooped up in their studios, so it’ll be great to see this and other gems that come out of this global pandemic.

Stay tuned to Skrillex and DJ Snake’s socials for any sudden streams of the works in progress.

Album pretty much confirmed. AND a dj snake collab?? CHOO CHOO from r/skrillex

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