Step into the world of Andrea Ward. Her career in music is not bounded by TikTok trends or cheesy, catchy hooks, but in a realm entirely that of her own. The multi-instrumentalist, choreographer and filmmaker has been creating her own, one-of-a-kind experience blending her music with dance movements in one cohesive art piece. Awake at Night is the third single to her highly anticipated album, Ribbon of Wate, that is due next year, January 20th. Listeners new and old, will enjoy an ethereal experience unlike any other, connecting with Andrea Ward deeply with lyrics that most of us experience during those late sleepless night, lying in bed.

“[The Song] is the idea that you’re awake at night because you know something’s wrong in life. You know that there are forces in the world trying to keep you asleep, and you refuse to be any less alive than your greatest potential. It’s as if the song is a roaring voice from your deep subconscious, telling you to get up and move.”

Andrea Ward makes her music akin to her dance choreography. Her sounds are both fluid and sharp, as is the nature of water, a leading theme currently in her music. Championing her own sound, Andrea Ward’s music can be likened to that of Icelandic Pop, Norwegian Rock, Experimental, Alternative Pop, Permanent Wave and Avant-Garde sounds. Although Ward’s music is a solo project, she works very closely with a drummer to help bring her music to life.

Listen to Awake at Night down below!

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