As much as we’d like it to be different, the Dance Music scene is still plagued with drug stereotypes. The latest upload to Comedy Central’s youtube channel is a video of comedian and host of the Price is Right Drew Carey, with the first part of the video dedicated to introducing the show’s topic: “Drugs, Drugs, Drugs,” read the title card. While you may think this is going to turn into something awful, luckily Carey tells a great story without insulting the community at large…he just ripped his dear friend to shreds. He talked in detail about a trip the friend had on multiple drugs, and how they messed with each other both there and at TomorrowWorld. Carey even makes a joke about SFX going bankrupt, chalking up the reason to how lax the festival was about drugs to the point of a bottle service lady “munching on mushrooms.”

Check out his full account below!

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