Drezo recently tested positive for COVID-19 after his performance at an Arizona Drive in Rave this past weekend with Seven Lions as the headliner.

He posted a statement in a since-deleted Tweet saying, “positive for corona. felt like I was gonna die yesterday. take this shit seriously and wear a mask.” Now, there’s no way to tell if he actually caught the virus in Arizona while he played the car rave but considering the state of AZ currently has the highest confirmed cases of COVID-19 and continues to rise, it wouldn’t be surprising if he, unfortunately, did catch it there. Please get tested where available and continue to quarantine.

Strangely enough, this announcement was met with a lot of pushback. People sent threats and generally frowned upon his simple announcement and warning for people to wear masks in public. This led to the post being taken down. Arizona has become another hotspot for COVID-19, with one of the highest records of daily cases in the country. Another event in the state with Rezz headlining was recently delayed from July 11 to another date to be announced soon!

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