Insomniac is on the cusp of a quarter-life “Crisis,” with the company almost at 25 years of being alive in the world. With this milestone comes yet another: EDC, the company’s biggest event, is expanding yet again to China for 2018. Pasquale Rotella posted on social media reflecting on his accomplishments.

China’s not the only mission; Insomniac is expected to host a load of events next year, some old, some new, and some legendary events that have been enhanced thanks to new features. We can’t wait to see what else the company has in store.

EDC China 2018 Details

Happy Holidays, Headliners! I can’t believe we already made it through another year.  Did you know that 2018 will represent 25 years of Insomniac Events?  It still feels like only yesterday that I was passing out flyers to the first Insomniac weekly party back in 1993. It’s incredible to reflect on how far things have evolved while the core values of dance music culture remain the same. Thank YOU for being a part of this scene. 🙏🏼😎 As we wrap up the year at Insomniac HQ, we’ve got a ton of news that we’ll be sharing in the new year.  Here’s a little sneak peak: we’re working on bringing EDC to China in 2018! Also, an update on EDC Las Vegas. I’m excited to share that we are now completely sold out with the Wise Owl tier!  BUT we’re about 10 days away from the new year so we’ve decided to honor Wise Owl pricing through the end of 2017! 🦉❤️ EDC Las Vegas 2018 is going to be super special and I’m excited to see you all there! Have a festive and fun holiday season with loved ones and I’ll see you at Countdown as we ring in the New Year! 🙌

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