When Pasquale Rotella has a message to relay about his birthday boy of a company Insomniac, you can bet there will be several details to take in. Today’s address to fans via Instagram was no exception; in addition to talking about plans of a 25th-anniversary party in the works, Rotella had an announcement about this coming EDC that’s sure to please veteran fans.



The 3 day dusk till dawn affair will be introducing brand new designs for their 360 experience circuitGROUNDS, the techno and deep house paradise of neonGARDEN, the undeniably intense environment of the bassPOD, and Trance’s new home quantumVALLEY (which is set to be re-designed into an open-air stage) in addition to their enormous spectacle stage at kineticFIELD. For the last few years, the festival steadily improved already amazing looking stages for the above experiences, but for their first camping event, they wanted to fully revamp the world their headliners would be entering. Speaking of camping, those smart folks who will be opting into the first ever CampEDC will be receiving new info about what activities are to come, including a full map to plan out the what, where and how of the incoming weekend.

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😎💭As 2018 kicks into gear, I wanted to take a minute to update everyone on some of the developments going down at Insomniac HQ. First, I’m super excited to announce that we’ve got a brand new logo to coincide with Insomniac’s 25th anniversary this year. I hope you like it—and standby for details about a special anniversary party coming up later this year. Also, new year, new fresh and clean website! I think we’ve made it easier for you to get the latest info on all our events, as well as discover new sounds in the Music section. We’ve also starting rolling out new festival websites, starting this week with EDC Las Vegas, EDC Japan, and Beyond Wonderland SoCal. Lots happening in our digital world, including introducing you to some new friends, “The Insomniacs,” who represent some of the cool characters within our community. You can find them playing around on the new Insomniac.com. In addition to the new websites and the new looks, 2018 will continue our tradition to bring about all new experiences. EDC Las Vegas is going to feature COMPLETELY new stage designs for kineticFIELD, circuitGROUNDS, neonGARDEN, bassPOD, and quantumVALLEY, which is getting an open air style production this year. If you’re staying with us at our first-ever Camp EDC — or if you’re thinking about it — stay tuned because we’re about to drop details on more activities and amenities, including a full map. In case you missed it, EDC will be going to Japan and China in 2018, and we’re planning on announcing a few more international stops. We’re also focusing on bringing even more interactive art and design to our shows and experiences, just like we used to do back in the early days. And if you’re in LA come hit up ACADEMY, our new warehouse style club we just opened that’s going to see lots of amazing talent and events come through! Peace and Love to you all, and stay tuned for lots more info!❤️

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