The Circuit Grounds may have played host to the most diverse lineup of talented artists all weekend. Dubbed by fans as “Mainstage 2”, this is where Porter Robinson revealed his Virtual Self live show to an incredibly excited horde of fans and curious souls. The ethereal intro and dynamic drop of The intro track we spoiled for ourselves thundered in first, hitting us with as much of a surprise as when we got an idea of the production on our headphones the first time. With several carefully selected tracks of all BPMs, he effortlessly and effectively channeled his imagination in his two sets as Pathselector and Technic Angel. Furthermore, the latter of the two selves revealed a brand new remix of the arguable song of the year, Ghost Voices.

This set is too great for us to delay you any longer, hit play below.

Virtual Self Live EDC Las Vegas 2018 (Full Set)

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