Porter Robinson doesn’t play around when it comes to inspiration. Uninhibited by the criticisms of those who scoff at his unique style of production, the U.S. producer’s gave birth to his new Virtual Self project in a live setting last night in New York City. Thanks to the diligent focus of Kelvin Le on Youtube, we have a front row(-ish…) seat to the action.

The show opened with what 1001Tracklists has identified as Virtual Self’s own “Utopia ID.” True to theatrical form, the track subtly starts the show with a filtered voice reciting what is probably a chunk of the lines on the Virtual Self website.

After a plump minute of build up, drums join the fray and lead to a hypnotic kick/sub combo that sounds like it shook the Brooklyn warehouse like no other. After gliding smoothly into his house-tempo single “Ghost Voices” then speeding all the way up to his edit of 2003 Trance track “Vijore” by Onoken, the 48-track set’s journey from then on was given life by a flurry of lasers, lights, and otherworldly Virtual Self visuals. Beyond this show and Buku, we have a good feeling based on his track record that Robinson plans to scale his home turf once again on a grand tour of some sort.

Stay tuned here to see when he plays where you are and don’t replay the video TOO much.


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