The EDC brand has spread as far as it has because the people at Insomniac put every inch of brainpower into making all of their events work for the environments they’re in. Pasquale Rotella recently sat down with YourEDM to discuss this further; the big topic at hand was the need to have the venue in New York. The venue has had to change a few times due to technical concerns, but Rotella claims this latest festival will be the biggest it’s ever been in Citi Field.

When we first went to New York for our first EDC, it didn’t have the spirit of the West Coast. I’m not saying it was bad, but people didn’t really get what we were doing. There was a separation of individuals. Though, as the years went on, there’s been more of a freedom to express one’s individuality and dance like no ones watching, and that’s very important to us. There might be other festivals on the market but there’s nothing like EDC. EDC brings the culture of the West Coast where a lot of dance music culture began. Even the underground scene started in LA. Legends from New York like Frankie Bones will attest to that. And to be from the core of the culture and try to spread that vibe aroung the world, we’re not going to just skip over New York.

He also specifies the need to keep EDC as consistent as possible in all the venues as opposed to adapting the production to the areas because he wants to bring the spirit of the West Coast dance music community to New York. Admitting that the first year had a lot of attendees who behaved less like people in California did, Rotella says he now sees the payoff of enforcing what he does with his satellite festivals.

Read the whole interview over at YourEDM.


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