This year’s EDC Las Vegas inspired a load of deals on Weedmaps related to the festival, with the only condition that customers show their wristband at checkout. This clearly worked in their favor, because marijuana sales skyrocketed beyond belief. Bob Groesbeck, CEO of the world’s largest dispensary Planet 13, expressed his shock at the figures to The Reno Gazette. “We are trying to get a feel of the various events that have come through town and lean more heavily toward cannabis vs. other venues and EDC just blew the doors off,” he says.

The Electric Daisy Carnival, the world’s largest electronic dance music festival, is held annually at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Earlier this year, the three-day event attracted 465,000 fans and many apparently like marijuana.

“We thought we would have a positive response and they would like the facility and like the products we had to offer, but we really underestimated just how excited they were to be part of it,” he told host Sam Shad.

While Marijuana was legalized in 2016 for recreational use in Nevada, there was no telling what shows would gain the most traction. Luckily the 400k+ attendees of EDC had a wave of interested customers at Nevada’s several pot shops. Better still, the vibes they brought into the speedway spread across town. “I have to say, that as a group, they were very well behaved,” he said. “No issues whatsoever. Just a real fun loving crowd.”


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