After nearly 8 year quiet hiatus, Norwegian artist, Toggo, has burst back into the electronic-inspired rock scene. Making a rather large splash with his ‘Cannonball’ single, Toggo is attempting to reclaim the spotlight that he had left behind just a couple years short of a decade. At the height of his popularity, Toggo was making rambunctious PR stunts with his former bandmates, Scared of Girls, which had the local scene in Hollywood, CA turned upside down. Known for their energy and random acts, Toggo, disappeared to the suburbs of Minnesota to raise his son.

Now the icon is back with a blazing, optimistic approach, the music video release of a brand new single ‘Cannonball’. Just as highly energetic and random as before, the ‘Cannonball’ music video is a jaw-dropping montage that’s a definite head-scratcher. Is he rock star? Is he EDM? The answer is Toggo, and he’s back baby.

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