Hailing from Sydney, Australia is singer and songwriter, Amanda Easton. Although she may be a new name to those in US, Amanda has quite the list of accolades from performing regularly on hit productions ‘Rumours’, ‘Classic Kings Rocking the 70s’, and ‘First Ladies of Soul’; touring around Europe, Bali, Japan and naturally Australia; and has made appearances on ACE Awards and the ARIA Awards. On top of that, Easton has released 2 full length albums and 3 EPs that have had chart topping singles.

‘This album was made in 2020 which had a lot more time for introspection than usual! I thought a lot about my lack of confidence and shyness as a teenager. While I still have moments of insecurity, I think how far I’ve come and I’d like to about to go back and tell my younger self not to worry, that I would ‘bloom eventually’. Teenage ‘me’ is the Wallflower in the title and this album tells stories about events and people from my past’.

‘Wallflower’ will be Amanda Easton’s third album and it’s gearing up to be a great one with her new single ‘At the Door’. The single takes a dark electro approach with Easton’s heavenly voice guiding you through the motions. The entire album is a homage to her years as a teenager and includes memories and people from her past. Recorded during the tumultuous times of the global pandemic, it will be an album of reflecting on the past.

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