Joining together under one music project for the very time is Arden Leigh and Jeremy Bastard in their debut single, ‘Home’ under the pseudonym, Prospertine. The single champions sounds of darkwave industrial dance pop with Arden on the lyrics and melody, while Jeremy churns out the production. In the lyrics, Arden beautifully attempts to break the glorification sadness, despair, and destruction and presents an ultimately healthy narrative. The song goes further by pushing the exploration of spiritualism and consciousness.

“I was interested in exploring the darker aspects of awakening and emotional catharsis, aspects that often get bypassed in discussions of spirituality that focus on love + light to the exclusion of the full spectrum of human emotion. While overall it’s an incredible and deeply worthwhile pursuit, spiritual awakening is also at times terrifying, humbling, utterly destructive, and exhausting. I want to open up a space for more music or art that speaks to and validates that part of the process.” – Arden Leigh

Arden and Jeremy met each other during their involvement in New York’s underground scene nearly a decade ago. Jeremy would DJ many of the events where Arden would perform as a gogo dancer. Although the two now live on opposite sides of the country, they’re excited to start this new journey through music from afar. Both are also pursuing other projects, with Arden pushing her solo indie pop rock band Arden & the Wolves, and Jeremy working on his projects: Autodrone and Unto Ashes.

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