What feels like something to come out of the Brainfeeder camp, Cameron Williamson produces far-out dance music that you could easily box into the realm of IDM. With soundscapes and rhythms so complex, yet one could easily find their groove to; the musical project of zenxienz is definitely one to get lost in. After suffering from a mental breakdown of his mind, body, and soul in 2015, Zenxienz has made it a life effort to break the boards of external human anxiety through his music and create a sense of unity and oneness with his impeccable soundscapes and visuals that will leave any music genius in awe.

The LA-based beatsmith has recently released an 11-track LP properly titled, ‘Mind Sigh’. With massive amounts of breaks, cuts, and psychedelic breakdowns/bridges, it comes without a doubt that zenxienz mind gave a mind sigh of his own after producing the latest LP.

He opens the album with a tumultuous ‘intro’ filled with clean drum instrumentals, synthesizers, and a funky bassline to awaken the mind of what’s to come. The self-entitled second track, ‘Mind Sigh’ gets you light on your feet with a bird chirp sample and swift drum breaks to help you make sense of what’s to come. ‘Return Trip’ is another psychedelic d’n’b track worth mentioning. Far-out, psychedelic synthesizer laid over complex drum patters break your mind through super-dimensional sounds.

‘All along’ carries you deeper into zenxienz’ world of mind-melting breaks with supernova chimes samples that will take you a place unimaginable. The album’s closing track, ‘YERM’ is one of our personal favorites as it finishes ‘Mind Sigh’ in a properly produced fashion. The slowest song in the album in terms of BPM, it is the calm after the storm easing you out of the chaotic, jazz-induced steps, where your mind can finally let out a satisfying sigh.

Purchase ‘Mind Sigh’ HERE.

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‘Mind Sigh’ Tracklisting:
Mind Sigh
On Fire
Wallace & Grommet
Return Trip
All Along
Cold Road
The Divide


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