Per consequence of the death of a young girl at Stereosonic for drug related circumstances, doctors in Australia are calling for the harm reduction model that has made successful progress in festivals like Shambhalla. The viewpoint Dr David Caldicott has on this is that when people understand that what they are buying is not what they think it is and abstain from use that way. Whether it dissuades people or makes them more selective about where they buy their illicit substances, it’s much better a choice than the essential prohibition suggested by doctors in California…because let’s face it, kids are going to do it in an unsupervised basement somewhere if they’re not at a festival.

“‘Don’t use drugs’ is perfectly acceptable for primary school kids and the people who aren’t already using drugs,” he said.

“But for this group of people, they’ve already decided to use drugs and we need to be far more nuanced in our approach to illicit drugs than we currently are.”


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