Retro-pop singer and song writer, Emery Pulse, is back on our airwaves with Heart Fulfilled, a Valentine’s Day smashing release that takes listeners on a journey of self reflection. Do you find yourself thinking about a love lost some time ago and wondering what could have been? This single is one for the nostalgic, hopeless romantics whom love a little bit of flair and theatrics.
As a fan of 80’s pop, I love bringing a retro flare to new music. Heart Fulfilled incorporates a late 80’s soft rock feel into the present. Staying on brand, the lyrics reminiscence on what used to be and wonders about the now. Could you still be the man you were once more?
Emery Pulse serves as a constant reminder that timeless classics are classics for a reason. Her music takes us back to a time we don’t often think about and when we do, waves of nostalgia and emotions. Her creativity and knack for these throwback sounds make her a standout in the industry carving her own way to stardom.
Check out Heart Fulfilled down below!

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