Boldly go where no man has gone before. Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT’s ‘Cygnus X-1’ is a long form jazz piece that takes you through sonic journey of space and time. The piece is named after a blackhole believed to be the center of the galaxy and as the piece carries on, the sounds turn into an ominous calamity. ‘Cygnus X-1’ thrives on its sound design: it quirks, whistles, tenses, relaxes, building and guiding you through your audio space voyage as your ears get closer and closer to the dark hole that is, ‘Cygnus X-1’.

“A bit about this piece: believe it or not, it started as a recomposition of RHCP’s “Breaking the Girl,” though the only trace of this still extant is the guitar part over the pedal tone at the beginning. Some use is made of microtonality, especially in the synthesizer parts.

The overall theme could be described as creepy radio transmissions (and other sounds) in space, so sound effects play a large role in the piece. Some of these sounds are actual radio transmissions; others were created from the ground up. The title refers to the name of the black hole thought to be at the center of the galaxy. Bet you can’t predict how it’s going to end!”

Classically trained and educated, Jeff Novotny finds freedom musically in jazz. It allows him to be ambitious and take risks by combining other genres with the addition of his personality, he enriches more than imitates. His compositions are balance despite the initial reaction of chaos commonly heard in jazz instrumentation.

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