The words Eric, Tour, Epic, Pryda, and Prydz are all words that get us excited(obviously not in that exact order though). The Swedish import’s EPIC series has been nothing but a smash hit the last four times it touched down on the continent, selling out and then delivering 1000% for those who went to go check it out; for those in LA, his 4 show stunt in under a week was proof of the fact that he enjoys what he does exponentially. The only downside for him is that he can’t ever watch the show for himself. “I see all these videos and wish I could have seen it myself,” he says in an interview with Mashable for EPIC 4.0.


“EPIC 5.0 taking shape!” – Eric Prydz

May will see the 5th iteration of EPIC, and to say we’re excited is an understatement. The producer took to twitter this week to show what is to transpire; a glowing white box is all we know of the upcoming tour. Come April, though, there should be previews galore for what is be a smash hit for this progressive titan.

Relive EPIC 4.0 in the video montage below:

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