We all know what happens after a Shambhalla Mix, right? The real fun ensues the year after the man all the cool kids call Jeff Abel officially previews each and every exclusive he has at his disposal, so fans know what to look out for at the dawn of his newest behemoth of a production companion, the Paradox Stage. If you want the best in unfiltered gritty energy, this show is the one to go to.

“This is the third stage we’ve built, all with the same core team, so we’ve learned a lot about what works, and what doesn’t. I can tell you it’s an LED-based setup, and that it’s modular depending on venue size. It was designed to match the intensity of my DJ sets as I don’t think the previous stages could really keep up. Other than that you’ll have to wait and see.” – Excision, Billboard Interview

Tickets are on sale now at Excision’s website.


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