Thanks to one brilliant fan, you can listen to Porter Robinson’s full Holy Ship live set! Setting sail last month, Porter Robinson was one of the many artists who cruised with fans on the high seas of Holy Ship. Luckily, a fan recorded Porter’s full set, uploaded it on Soundcloud for everyone to enjoy. Listen to his greatness and take yourself back to Holy Ship days, or enjoy his set for the first time, it’s a hell of a set.

Though Porter Robinson has become largely known for his live Worlds sets since the release of his debut album in 2014, the younger producer/DJ can still throw down like no other – and he usually does it in an especially heavy fashion, too.

He performed on Holy Ship! last month, a DJ set, and someone managed to find a recording of it and upload it to Soundcloud for us all to enjoy, and just… damn. So good.

UPDATE: Soundcloud removed the mix but luckily our friends at YourEDM found the set on Mixcloud.

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