The sixth anniversary of Porter Robinson’s¬†Worlds¬†album is upon us, and we were gifted with another treat.¬†Worlds was the debut studio album that ended up shifting and defining the producer’s career. The album, released by Astralwerks¬†in the United States and by¬†Virgin EMI Records internationally, was a¬† shift in what we were used to hearing from Porter. It was a more alternative form of music and not the heavier sounds we were used to.

On this sixth birthday, Porter uploaded a track titled “shepherdess-she2016(2016)”. It was a track that was previously unreleased, although a version does exist. The version that we know, “Shepherdess,” is on the vinyl release. This track, however, is the one that we have been hearing on his live sets and have never been able to get ahold of. The track is available as a free download, so really, we are all celebrating.

As an extra bonus and something to look forward to (although this requires patience), Porter promised us a little more: on the 10th anniversary of the album, he is going to share a song with us called “hollowheart.” “Hollowheart” was supposed to be on¬†Worlds, but it got submitted too late.

In the meantime, we have “shepherdess-she2016(2016)” to enjoy. Porter stated that he woke up this morning to so many messages about¬†Worlds sixth anniversary and was so deeply grateful that he decided to share this. Well, we know we are keeping grateful as well, especially since it’s available as a free download. Check it out below.


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