Friendships between good creatives die hard, and the joining of two like-minded Dance Music veterans on a tour was only a matter of time. Deadmau5 has formally tweeted the good news for all of the lucky people who own tickets to the massively sold out tour this week, and we couldn’t be more excited to see this unfold.

Known in the human realm as Jonathan Gooch, Feed Me has released a significant amount of his work on the Maustrap label, building a base of those who love creatively rich productions and incredibly unique visual stimulus in addition. All in all, this support spot is going to make the night(or nights) you go a full out experience.

It seems like every day we get the privilege to jump into the mind of an artist, but don’t let that deter you from watching every behind the scenes video you can. Chris Liebing’s three movie trilogy is a prime example of a quality look into the philosophy and technique of his DJ sets. Nicer still is that instead of speaking only in technical terms, he guides us through the detailed reasoning behind his style, and let’s the technique speak for itself.


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