Check out this funky fresh single Feel Love In The Music from UK DJ and Producer, The White Owl. Sounds from a distant past with a fresh, contemporary perspective, The White Owl is carrying the torch for the sounds of disco and funk. Feel Love In The Music sets the tone for The White Owl’s recently released album Mercury Retrograde, a huge LP that consists of extended, vocal, and instrumental mixes of every tune that will all likely prepare for a massive remix album. The single itself is an instant sensation and showcases simplicity at its best with a thumping baseline that guides you through the rhythm of the entire song.

The White Owl is one of the UK’s most prolific DJs on the scene, generating a massive international tour and residencies to whom many bedroom producers aspire towards. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see The White Owl’s journey through the dance music circuit.

Feel Love In the Music down below!

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