Homegrown in Winnipeg comes a sound you’d expect to hear from the city folk, but VIKINGS has championed their sound in pop with a dazzling fervor. They’ve been on a long hiatus and broken through with 2 brand new tracks with an accompanying remix from Ash Halo and their own edit. Tanlines offers listeners with their signature pop sounds and its nice to hear that Josh Youngson still has his chops on the microphone.

“After a 3 year hiatus VIKINGS spent the majority of 2020 in a lockdown studio session where we truly found our new sound. Tanlines is the lead off single from our latest record with many more releases to come over the next few months. Inspired by adventure and love the track was created in a maze of experimentation.”

Swimming At Night takes VIKINGS listener to the club with a thumping bassline you need to hear with strobing lights and disco ball. It’s no holds barred on this new EP and we’ve been told that this is just the beginning for all you VIKINGS fans out there.

Check out the new release below!

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