Out of British Columbia comes the tried and true, jRadx, who his pushing the scene with his unique beats and rap lyrics. Known as a rapper/hip hop artist, his most recent album Desert Power errs on the indie side of things. Some tunes in the 15-track LP are only a minute long, perhaps productions in the works and sounds jRadx will revisit as his already gearing up for the release of his 5th studio album. If fun is what you’re looking for in an artist, then jRadx is an artist to add to your Spotify playlist.

Quirks and wonky beats are found throughout the album, but the Strife single offers an audio window into the softer sides of the overall saw-tooth, grimy album. It’s the daisy field in the proverbial needle stack if you will.

jRadx has been a music tinkerer for quite some time, picking up on the Coke Music platform and creating his first tunes has planted the seed to a music career that he can truly call his own. He took up rapping and producing his own beats when he got tired of rapping over other productions that he couldn’t license.

Desert Power  is quite the album, check it out down below!

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