The meticulous sound engineer, Sound Strider, has a new release to entice listeners new and old to complex drum patterns, ethereal synthesizers and his own version of chaotic, audio magic. Entitled, ‘Occult Electric’, the album is a 4-track LP that demonstrates influences of funk, dubstep, acid, and all things bass. The commencing track, ‘Helpless Cogs’, provides listeners with a rhythmically complex opening track and curious soundscape to get the party started. If you could be sounds into textures, ‘Plague of Wizards’ is the track for you. The song opens up in a slow manner with sounds of a running river and soft chants that mantra into a heavy bassline tattered with a guiding synth. To find the meaning and inspiration behind the album, Sound Strider had this to say:

“This release explores my relationship with chaos magic and the occult. In some sense it is about the search for a new way of being unbounded by the strict codes of monotheistic religion and/or scientific materialism.”

Since the mid 2000s, Sound Strider has been pursuing the world of electronic music. Eager to explore all camps of dance music, Sound Strider was influenced and very familiar with the likes of Atomic Hooligan, London Elektricity, and Bass Kleph (he’s also performed alongside all of these icons). He learned to DJ with vinyl and embraced the technology boom within the scene. 2008 was the year he founded La Briche as an independent recording studio that also hosted events in historical cultural centers in France. Ultimately, the Sound Strider project was given life and launched in 2018, where ‘Occult Electric’ is the 5 release from the project so far.

Listen to Occult Electric down below!

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