With just over 50,000 plays on Spotify, these two Brazilian projects are making waves with their new collaboration on Alphabeat Records. ‘Nothing Change’ is a new infectious deep house track by Future Class and RADIØMATIK. A playful bassline and wonky synthesizers will get you moving and grooving to every kick drum and rhythm until the song concludes. Despite the pessimistic and melancholy message in the lyrics, the song still as fun loving as ever especially fitting for the summer moods.

Future Class is a Brazilian duo that has made great strides in the Brazilian dance music circuit having unleashed a plethora of productions on local radio waves. RADIØMATIK is another Brazilian duo that has risen quick on the global airwaves, collaborating with world artists like Paul Cook, who was featured on their last hit radio cut, ‘Need You So’. Together these four minds are here to present the pop sounds of Brazil!

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