Off the heels of a politically charged performance with Marshmello, G-Eazy is in the mood to get with other Electronic producers. He tweeted about studio time with Carnage, possibly signaling an official announcement in the works. The two have worked in the past on Carnage’s “Loaded” which was the first major hit of the collaborations between him and G-Eazy. The two had not released a song with vocals together since G-Eazy’s 2007 mixtape Quarantine; however, Carnage co-produced G-Eazy’s “Outta Pocket RMX.”

“I’m the only person that G will feel comfortable hopping on a complete wacky banger tune,” Carnage explained. “We’re gonna lock ourselves in to a place and work for a week and make just bangers out the ass. The internet will love that one.”

As you may be able to tell from photos, the two are pretty close. We’d be very interested to see what the future holds for these two going in on a beat.

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