The Games Headquarters is the center of all activities for Dirtybird Campout, and this year we are booming with exciting programs in our new home at Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds. Nestled in the center of the games field, campers will start here for all the fun, sign up and get their color team bandana to participate in the Color Team Tournaments, earn a merit patch for being an Eggsplosive teammate, or start a ping pong pick up with one of our performing artists!

If running the games for the last campouts has taught us anything, is that classic camp games are always winners. Dodgeball is both Queen and King of the games field, so why play it only once? Tug of War, Kick Ball, and 3 -Legged Races are fierce competitions, there is no second place. Yet sometimes you want to sit with your friends and be creative, make a totem, a lanyard, or maybe learn a new primitive skill ike archery, fire tending, or the ancient art of S’more making.

When the grassy fields of the Games HQ and the Ball Shak heat up, you can chill out on the smooth beaches of the Dirtybird Campout reservoir while getting into one of the new activities we have planned right in the Modesto Reservoir. Dive into the water activities where the shenanigans of the .5K Floatie Race to Loon Island, the classic good times of the Costumed Canoe Relay, and laid back reservations of our new boat borrowing hours will be sure to cool you off. Stop by the Games HQ and reserve a timeslot!

Whether you’re looking for the chance to learn a new skill, a game to play with your friends or an opportunity to make a few new ones, you’re sure to find a daytime game or activity that will take your Campout experience to the next level!
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