Start them young has a whole new meaning with Chicago native, Acidic Base. He’s 12 years-old and is making 2019 his debut year under this new project. He cites his inspiration in electronic dance music to two notable heavy hitters: deadmau5 and Eric Prydz. Acidic Base, real name Siddharth Goswami, discovered his love for music at the age of 6 and since then, he’s taken the steps towards becoming a great musician. Naturally supported by his parents, Goswami, has taken piano lessons, enrolled in the Music Institute of Chicago, and now at the age of 12 has released his first album on Spotify and SoundCloud.

‘Purple Skies’ is a 7-track album that draws heavily on the progressive house influences of Acidic Base. Overall, the album is a bit juvenile, yet still evokes tons of emotions and you can really tell how much time and effort the young musician has put into the release. The opening track sets the record straight to what listeners can expect throughout the album, light progressive chords and notes guided steadily with a hard kick and bassline. ‘Omnidirectional Hyperjet’ is one of our favorite tracks in the album. The chords crescendo into a transcendent feelings that drop into a club and warehouse-worthy tune.

Acidic Base had these words to say in support of his work:

“This is my debut album, and it combines many global influences and themes.
The album is a mix of various styles of music culminating into Electronic format. You will observe my love for improvisation directly in numbers like Halcyon and Mountain Face.
My musical work Chernobyl is a 2 part composition as a tribute to Chernobyl disaster. The 8 min + piece tries to tell the story from the start of the event to the aftermath followed by massive radioactive mutations. While composing based on themes, I have tried to adapt it to Electronic EDM styles.

Blurred is more traditional to the typical EDM styles. However, in some parts it is a very light song, while in others it is pulsing with deep bass.” -Acidic Base

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