This year’s Coachella will see several more campers than ever before, by what seems like a miracle, the whole festival will have room for 26,000 more attendees by raising its attendance cap from 99,000 to 125,000 this year.

Luckily, there is a science behind the expansion, and it’s all masterminded by the festival’s Community Services Manager Jim Curtis. He says that the big factor in such a huge expansion is hosting more campers. This year’s event has more acreage in order to allow more people to stay. In addition, an extra light is being added to manage traffic for production officials. Finally, ridesharing will be 100 times easier, as the turnaround for Uber and Lyft will be first come first serve. This will make the dreary trek back to your bed for the night (hopefully) easier.

Because of the festival expansion, organizers created a new production row north of Avenue 50, on land Goldenvoice is leasing throughout the festival set-up and tear-down process. To make it safe for workers to cross back and forth from the polo grounds to the production row, city staff is installing a temporary traffic light on Avenue 50 west of Monroe Street that will be in use during the week through April and the first few days of May.

The legendary weekend draws near! We hope to see some of you there.


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