The EDM debate has been an undercurrent of discussion for some time now. What does it encompass? What is the term’s history? How should it be used to describe the various genres of music?

People have varying opinions on it. VICE published an article a few years back about the death of EDM, stating that EDM and electronic music are not one in the same. The Spectator did the same, stating that EDM is for tyrants and drones. Now, Green Velvet has weighed in on it.

The DJ posted on Twitter the other day his opinion that House and Techno are separate from EDM, and they existed before. He likened the creation of EDM and its lack of acknowledgment to House and Techno to that of what happened with Rock & Roll.  As a well-known producer and DJ of House music, his tweet drew varying reactions. Some agreed with him, drawing distinctions between the young and older generations. Others snubbed the tweet, stating that this was why people thought that those into House and Techno were snobs.

The history of EDM is expansive. going as far back as the 1970s. Cuepoint did an entire article on the etymology and complex history of EDM, recognizing the long history of linguistic difficulties under what has been considered, by many, an umbrella term.

Green Velvet continued his thought that EDM was not a bad thing, but looking into its history is something that fans should do.

In an ever-changing world, what are your thoughts on this topic?

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