Considering Insomniac’s recent quirky phone number plug for EDC Las Vegas 2019 that were posted as billboards near Coachella, we assumed that their recent HARD Summer video with a number would be even sillier. The video they tweeted alongside it was a ridiculous retro commercial ad advertising dust mats…which increased those expectations. However, the other end of the line was surprisingly straightforward.

A prerecorded message acknowledges the complaints about dust at the venue – a problem this particular festival seems to be plagued with every now and then no matter where they are for some unfortunate reason. The message goes on to explain the measures being taken to resolve these issues at this year’s HARD Summer by adding massive dust mats that’ll cover the dance floors, and even lets the caller leave a message with any additional feedback they may have before the festival kicks off on August 3. This opens up the rabbit hole for thousands of requests to book Daft Punk, but we’re sure the team at HARD HQ is prepared to filter through all that.

Call 888-HARD-2019 to leave your feedback now. Also, secure your 2-day passes NOW as tickets are now on Tier 6.


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