In 2012’s golden time of gritty electro, Knife Party went from a relative unknown to a widely successful act in record time. Their debut EP 100% No Modern Talking was also 100% standalone dancefloor weapons, with the most destructive four on the floor track released that year being “Destroy Them With Lazers.” The four minute, 56 second cut is responsible for plenty of intense memories on club floors and festival dust patches alike. One of the many memories in the ether belongs to Haden Kramer, best known as HeRobust.

Now in a place in his craft in which he can comfortably pay homage to one of his favorite tunes, Kramer just released a preview of his “Busted” take on the Knife Party classic. Extracting the lush melodic part of the song as well as the buoyant laser sound and looping them to infectious effect, Kramer reimagines the song in his own style and adds just enough extra fuel to drive his own sets into a frenzy.

Luckily enough for us, he’s releasing the track as a free download in two days. For now, check out the preview below.

PREVIEW TRACK HERE13515277_10208148169116171_973258818_n

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