According to a website dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of herpes, some 250 people have applied to them during the first two days of the music festival.

This year’s annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has apparently been marred by an unpleasant development as a spike of herpes was observed among the people in the communities located near the event, TMZ reports.

According to the media outlet, an online diagnosis and treatment website for this particular sexually transmitted disease, HerpAlert, has reported “a massive surge in folks seeking prescriptions for herpes since Day 1 at Coachella”, with some 1,105 cases being reported in Indio, Palm Desert and Coachella Valley, as well as in L.A., Orange and San Diego counties “where most of the concertgoers live”.

As HerpAlert explained, they usually handle about 12 cases per day in southern California but ended up servicing about 250 patients during the first two days of Coachella alone.

“Bottom line… what happens in Coachella might stay with you. For life”, the media outlet warned.

HerpAlert works off anonymous data submitted (automatically) by doctor’s when they filed prescriptions to pharmacies for herpes-related meds/ailments. According to their findings, 1,105 cases were reported as of Day One of Coachella 2019, in the Indio, Palm Desert, and the surrounding region. To put that in perspective, HerpAlert says the area usually handles around 12 cases per day on average. When the Oscars are in town, that number usually swells to 60-a-day, but as you can see: Coachella is a whole other beast.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is being held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The event features artists from many music genres, constantly hosting live music on several stages across the concert’s grounds.

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