Seeing Ice Cube’s name on the Saturday lineup for Coachella spelled something special for a lot of people who knew exactly what that could mean. When the rapper was lifted onto the stage on the best throne he could possibly sit on, he proceeded to bring on a few choice guests: newfound comrade and Barber Shop 2 co-star Common and former headliner Snoop Dogg joined him for a few numbers, building the excitement for a highly anticipated reunion. While only MC Ren and DJ Yella showed up to the stage to perform with him, “Straight Outta Compton” and “F**k tha Police” were still the instrumental lesson on NWA that Cube was hoping to teach the audience. But apparently it was not Dre Day as Dr. Dre himself did not show up for the NWA reunion at Coachella. Nonetheless it was an epic moment to witness live.

More highlights from Coachella to come, stay tuned for day 3 coverage.

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