Insomniac is putting on an outdoor rave in Orlando in April, ABDUCTION 2021

The company in charge of Park ‘N Rave bringing an outdoor rave to Orlando, yes like an actual rave where you dance outside. Abduction, happening April 10th, will take place from 5 pm-midnight at Lot 54 at the Vanguard. ABDUCTION 2021 is finally announced and it’s looking pretty damn good, to say the least.

In what is hopefully the tail end of this pandemic, this event is something that we have not legally seen in awhile. With 2021 festivals still getting canceled (Ultra just announced today that the March event is getting pushed to 2022), this comes as a bit of a surprise to some. So far, Insomniac’s major events have been Park ‘N Raves, allowing cars to park in their sections and dance the night away safely.

COVID measures will be taken at this event, in so far as temperature checks and mandated mask-wearing. No negative test results have been indicated as required or anything else. The event is going to be held outdoors. The capacity is uncertain, but GA passes are limited. There is also a VIP that includes expedited entry, a VIP bar, and a viewing pod if you choose to purchase that with your package.

The announcement has received mixed reviews. Florida is a state that has generally been a bit more relaxed with COVID restrictions, so most are not surprised that this is happening there. With vaccines being rolled out and pandemic fatigue building a home with most of us, some are excited about this event. Others feel it is still too soon.

ABDUCTION 2021 Tier 1 GA tickets go on sale this Thursday, at 12pm EST, for just under $30.


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