Sadly, Pasquale’s state of the Union Address for next year did not include EDC New York. While many ravers in the east coast get excited for EDC New York every year, Rotella said there would be a break in 2017, and in consolation, EDC Las Vegas would feature an exclusively New York-based art car. In addition to this, a whole new stage is slated to show up, and it may have something to do with the all Breaks-style brand that Pasquale is thinking up, as he stated himself in an interview at NYU this last year. Pasquale is happy to report that EDC Japan is FINALLY on for 2017 and will be coming to Tokyo next spring. They’ve got a great venue picked out, and the circuitGROUNDS stage will actually be right on the beach! More details on that this coming week.

Read Rotella’s full state of the union here.

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