The virtual rave-a-thon continues headliners! Insomniac just announced today that the next stop on the rave-a-thon tour is going to be Virtual Nocturnal! Nocturnal continues to be a headliner favorite throughout the years. The 2019 Nocturnal was set to have its last Glen Helen event that year and the future of this event stays hanging in the air still. The new location has yet to be revealed yet. Pasquale posed the question to fans everywhere asking if they rather have a 2020 Nocturnal with fewer amenities or if they would prefer having Nocturnal 2020 not happen and put all their efforts into the 2021 festival date at the new venue. It was hinted that the new location still had a natural setting like its Glen Helen spot and camping would be available.

In my personal opinion, Nocturnal will be moved to 2021 due to all the postponed events and conflicts. This virtual rave may be the best thing we have to experiencing Nocturnal Wonderland this year. Coronavirus or not Pasquale is determined to keep the party going and his headliners happy at home. Virtual Nocturnal is set to take place this Friday and Saturday 4/10-4/11 from 8pm PST – 11pm PST. The theme of this Nocturnal will be Pasquale taking us through the history of the music scene from some old school dance music to today’s major hits. Also mentioned some VERY special guest appearances. Pasquale has been providing a fire lineup ever virtual event and I am confident he will continue to do so. Lineup details to be announced soon! Stay tuned and stay home my fellow headliners.

Nocturnal Wonderland Virtual Rave-A-Thon Lineup Features: 12th Planet, ARMNHMR, Arty, Bijou, Borgore, Born Dirty, Champagne Drip, Demigod, Jason Ross, Ship Wrek, Spencer Brown, TJR, VNSSA, Z-Trip, and Zeds Dead.


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